Queue Watch

There is nothing more frustrating than customers turning away from your business because they don’t want to wait in a queue. You know that it is likely you could have lost their service to the other barber shop down the road. This is where Queue Watch comes in. This simple yet innovative device provides you with an effective way of controlling your business’s workflow. You can ensure that your business is busy at all times, thus minimising both overcrowded and empty periods.

Key Features –

  • Camera technology ensures customers can see how busy your store is
  • Customers faces are obscured to ensure you comply with legal requirements
  • Monthly report outlining customer use of Queue Watch
  • Poster to display in your store
  • Secure and reliable
  • Branding via the Queue Watch website
  • Additional services available, such as 3G/4G and custom websites
  • Online appointment feature – Appointments automatically drop into your smartphone’s diary

Queue Watch is essentially a webcam device that can be used by barber shops and hair salons. It allows customers to see inside your store before they make the decision to get in their car and make the journey for a hair cut. If they see that your barber shop is packed, they’ll know to come back another time. Alternatively, when they see that you are quiet, they’ll make the journey to you as quickly as possible. Not only does this give you the platform to better manage your workflow, but it will improve customer satisfaction as well, as you are saving them a potentially wasted journey.

This innovative feature is also likely to attract more customers to your business too. Let’s say someone has a free hour at lunch, and they fancy getting their hair cut. They stumble across your service, quickly check the webcam, and they see that there is barely a queue. They will ditch their usual barber in favour of your business because they know that they can squeeze in an appointment.

This is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to ensure you benefit from a more steady flow of customers. This will lead to knock-on effects, such as improved management of workload and staff rotas, and, ultimately, increased revenue. But, how does the solution work? A high-resolution camera will be installed in your shop. After this, the images need to be connected to the QWatch cloud-based service, which can be done using mobile data networks or your existing broadband connection. The customer can then view the queue via your website home page. The installation is exceptionally straightforward; in fact, it is as easy as including an image and a piece of custom code on your site.

Queue Watch place a huge amount of emphasis on security, and thus you can rest assured that anyone viewing your store will not be able to access the camera, and, therefore, your network is secured. If you were to simply utilise a standard webcam, you would put yourself at huge risk by opening up ports on your routers and such like. Queue Watch avoids this, putting your mind at ease. We also implement a sophisticated firewall with our cloud-based service, ensuring further protection.

As part of the service, customers will benefit from a poster to display in their store, which will explain all about the Queue Watch service and how they can use it. They will also receive a monthly report, which will provide useful insights on customer usage, as well as branding via the QWatch website. If you are worried about showing your customers live on the Internet without their permission, don’t be, as we obscure all customers’ faces using our cutting edge technology.