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Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi

Increase profits with Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi

  • Attract more customers to your venue and create loyal relationships by offering a fast and effective guest Wi-Fi service

  • Take your marketing campaign to the next level with customised landing pages, social log in and other great features

  • Receive real-time data about all of your connected customers so that you can target your marketing messages more effectively

  • Ensure your business does not get in any legal trouble with a fully compliant solution and a content filtering feature

Avoid non-compliance fines and fraud losses

Cloud-managed cyber and network security solution, RetailCompli, ensures PCI compliance and minimises the chance of a data breach. Save your company from fraud losses, non-compliance fines and reputational damage.

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Enhance your marketing with real-time insights

Improve your marketing strategy and profit levels by targeting messages and promotions using the real-time insights provided by our legally compliant guest Wi-Fi solution. A must for barber shops.

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Improve productivity with world-class connectivity

Watch your productivity levels soar with our flexible, reliable, secure and fast connectivity solution. Delivered using the latest ADSL and fibre technologies. 3G back up for ultimate peace of mind.

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